A little about me: My name is Laura and I work as a Registered Nurse. I’m married to a IMG_0257wonderful man. We have one cat, Wilson, and a new puppy named Hugo. We live just north of San Francisco, and coming home feels like vacation.

Before nursing school, my husband did all the cooking. When he told me cooking was relaxing for him, I used to look at him sideways. But, after a hellacious semester of nursing school, I decided to do something completely different and teach myself to cook. I printed out a new recipe every day, went to the store and meticulously picked out my ingredients. And I’ve never looked back.

I fiercely hate the word “foodie” but I guess there isn’t a better alternative in our nomenclature. Hopefully you’re still reading and didn’t close your browser window. I love trying new restaurants. I love ordering something off a menu and not being entirely sure what you’re getting. I love taking recipes and putting a healthy spin on them. And I love eating something really rich and indulgent every once in awhile.

That’s where the name of my blog comes in: Lemons are traditional,  Lemongrass a little less so. I like putting my own twist on traditional recipes and trying less traditional ones. And the name is also a nod to my own development: I started with very basic, traditional recipes and have graduated to more exciting menus with experience. And hopefully these recipes will be fun for you to try, whether you’re just starting out as I was or you are a more experienced chef.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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